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While this occupation is in demand in Australia, it may not always appear on the Skilled Occupations List. When categorising occupations, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection use the Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) publication as the guide to job title, specialisation and skill requirement. This publication is not always reflective of the job titles and specialities in the market place. If you are unable to find your occupation on the Skilled Occupations List or the state/territory occupation lists then we recommend you look at the ANZSCO to see whether your occupation is listed under another name.

Keep up to date with frequent changes to Immigration Laws. If you are unsure whether your occupation falls into one of the occupations on the Skilled Occupations List or you have any visa question, we recommend you contact a Registered Migration Agent for assistance.

How can I get the visa ?

The following are possible options of living in Australia as a Nurse Educator

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Finding a Job

Here is a recent “Nurse Educator” Job in Australia that would give you an idea what kind of skills and qualifications  are required:

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District requires Nurse Educator – Emergency Department

Position Summary
The Nurse Educator Emergency Department provides the coordination, delivery and evaluation of nurse education in the Emergency Department at Prince of Wales Hospital. Such education may include orientation and/or transitioning for new nursing staff, undergraduate and casual nurses as well as meeting the ongoing educational needs of existing nursing staff.

Employment of a temporary visa holder may only occur if no suitable permanent resident or citizen of Australia has been identified for this position following suitable labour market testing.

The Nurse Educator is a registered nurse who has responsibility for providing nursing education in a range of contexts and environments in the health sector. It is intended that nurses will practice within their professional nursing roles. Nurse Educators are employed as Grade 1, 2 or 3 according to the criteria outlined below, and in line with the NSW Public Health System Nurses’ and Midwives’ (State) Award. Nurse Educator Grade 1 is the grade used for Registered Nurses holding post registration nursing clinical or education qualifications relevant to the clinical area in which he/she is appointed; and who is appointed to a position of Nurse Educator Grade 1. A Nurse Educator Grade 1 shall be responsible for the development and delivery of nursing education courses/programs at the public hospital, or the community based service level. Nurse education courses/programs shall mean courses/programs such as: • Post-registration certificates • Continuing nurse education • Transition programs for newly registered nurses and newly enrolled nurses • Post-enrolment enrolled nurses’ courses, and • General staff development courses (where applicable).

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