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While this occupation is in demand in Australia, it may not always appear on the Skilled Occupations List. When categorising occupations, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection use the Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) publication as the guide to job title, specialisation and skill requirement. This publication is not always reflective of the job titles and specialities in the market place. If you are unable to find your occupation on the Skilled Occupations List or the state/territory occupation lists then we recommend you look at the ANZSCO to see whether your occupation is listed under another name.

Keep up to date with frequent changes to Immigration Laws. If you are unsure whether your occupation falls into one of the occupations on the Skilled Occupations List or you have any visa question, we recommend you contact a Registered Migration Agent for assistance.

How can I get the visa ?

The following are possible options of living in Australia as a Patents Examiner

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Finding a Job

Here is a recent “Patents Examiner” Job in Australia that would give you an idea what kind of skills and qualifications  are required:

IP Australia is the government agency responsible for administering the Australian patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder’s rights systems, providing policy advice to government and promoting understanding of intellectual property in Australia.

It requires Patent Examiner – Biotechnology/Biochemistry.

The role of a Patent Examiner is to assess Australian and international patent applications to determine whether the application meets legislative requirements. Through the examination process, Patent Examiners are among the first to see new developments in technology and marketing.

You will need to hold a recognised degree in science or engineering or a diploma together with appropriate industry experience.

A Patent Examiner will use a variety of tools such as: worldwide patent and technical databases, procedural manuals, legislation and their own technical knowledge and experience.

Examination work is generally performed in a team environment. Examiners manage their own work, meet minimum performance requirements and perform other search, examination and administrative tasks to meet other team or organisational goals.

We are recruiting for Patent Examiners in the technology of Biotechnology and/or Biochemistry: In particular immunotherapeutics or immunotherapy; production of therapeutic antibodies, proteins or peptides. (Canberra only).

Applicants must possess a degree in a relevant area of technology; or a diploma together with appropriate industry experience. (A degree obtained overseas must conform to Australian professional standards and be formally recognised). Applicants must be Australian citizens.

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