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While this occupation is in demand in Australia, it may not always appear on the Skilled Occupations List. When categorising occupations, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection use the Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) publication as the guide to job title, specialisation and skill requirement. This publication is not always reflective of the job titles and specialities in the market place. If you are unable to find your occupation on the Skilled Occupations List or the state/territory occupation lists then we recommend you look at the ANZSCO to see whether your occupation is listed under another name.

Keep up to date with frequent changes to Immigration Laws. If you are unsure whether your occupation falls into one of the occupations on the Skilled Occupations List or you have any visa question, we recommend you contact a Registered Migration Agent for assistance.

The following are possible options of living in Australia as a Prison Officer

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Finding a Job

Here is a recent “Prison Officer” Job in Australia that would give you an idea what kind of skills and qualifications  are required:

Government of Western Australia Department of Corrective Services has opportunity for Prison Officers.

As a prison officer:

-everything you do works towards us achieving a safer community.
-you contribute to the safe, secure and efficient operation of the prison and custody of prisoners.
-you’ll be involved in every aspect of a prisoner’s life, from inducting offenders into the prison to helping them plan -to make the best use of their time.

The role

Your biggest challenge will be building a rapport with prisoners in your care while maintaining professionalism and good conduct. Balancing authority and understanding with a non-judgemental and compassionate approach is essential.

Prison officers act as role models for prisoners, to motivate and encourage them and put structure into their lives.

Your tasks will vary according to the security level of the prison and can include:

-induction of prisoners
-staffing various units in the prison including the gatehouse, accommodation wings and other strategic areas
-helping prisoners develop a plan to make the best use of their time in prison
-assisting with vocational training of prisoners
-escorting prisoners and supervising prison activities including recreation, industry and training
-writing daily reports
-responding to incidents and complying with all policies and procedures.


You’ll need to be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen.

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